Student Experiences

Want to know what it is like to live and study in another country?  Read the experiences of current and former Howard students to get a sense of what it is like to be immersed in another culture and language.

Dontae Bell, Class of 2018

“Brazilians are amazing.  It’s really important to immerse yourself as much as possible in the culture.  I learned more in my daily interactions at the feira, the beach and at parties than I ever did in the classroom.”

São Paulo

Kimberly Monroe, Ph.D. Student, History Department

“Visiting Tanzania was an amazing experience. Not only was it a pleasure to learn Swahili in Africa but living five weeks with the natives speaking their language, eating their food, and learning their culture was a life changing experience. While there, I noticed many parallels with the US South culture.”

Student Tanzania


Monique Dodd, Class of 2016

“Studying abroad definitely made me feel like a citizen of the world.  In the end, we’re all connected and what we do affects others across the globe.”

Bahia Bound