Study Chinese at Howard University

Chinese is now the most spoken language in the world, and China has become a key player in the global economy.  Students at Howard can take courses in Chinese to learn about the culture, history and peoples of China.  

Prof. Yu-Ting Chen 

Howard Chinese Program

Course Offerings

The Chinese courses offered at Howard:

Chinese I

Chinese II

Chinese III

Chinese IV

Oral Expression

Independent Study I

Student Organization & Resources

Chinese Culture Club at Howard: 



New York Times Chinese 

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

  1. CLS program‐China (Due: mid‐November)

  2. American Councils Study Abroad in Taiwan

    1. Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program (due: mid‐February)

    2. Tradition and Modernity in Taiwan Program (TMT) (due: mid‐February)

    3. Huawei Seeds for the Future Program

  3. IES Abroad

  4. CIEE College Study Abroad‐abroad/college‐study‐abroad‐abroad/college‐study‐abroad/locations/asia‐pacific/taiwan

  5. CET Study Abroad‐ China

  6. CET Study Abroad‐ Taiwan

  7. ISEP Study Abroad‐hong‐kong‐taiwan

  8. Taiwan fellowship

Study Aboard Scholarships

  1. Fulbright Scholarship: (Please see Dr.  Miller, HU campus contact for the Luce Scholarship and Fulbright)
  2. Benjamin Gillman Scholarship‐Scholarship‐Program
  3. The Fund for Education Abroad
  4. Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman‐ASIA)‐ASIA 13. IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grants‐Study Abroad/UtilityNav/Funding/Travel‐Grants

Teach / Internship Abroad

  1. Fulbright ETA Program‐of‐awards/english‐teaching‐assistant‐awards
  2. Henry Luce Fellowship
  3. Teach for China:
  4. Teach in China Program‐in‐china‐program
  5. CIEE Teach in China‐abroad/work/teach‐english‐abroad/programs/china/teach‐china
  6. Global Taiwan
  7. Shanghai Government Scholarship

Students in Howard Chinese Program