Faculty Resources

Faculty in the Department of World Languages & Cultures can consult the following resources related to research centers and working groups on campus, funding opportunities and professional development:

Resources for DWLC Faculty

Affiliated Centers & Programs

Center for African Studies:



Howard University’s Interdisciplinary Research Group on African and African Diaspora Studies

Contact Dr. Clément A. Akassi: cakassi@howard.edu 


Muntú: International Interdisciplinary Research Group on Hispanophone/Luso-Africana and Francophone Studies

Contact Dr. Clément A. Akassi: cakassi@howard.edu 

Conference & Research Travel Resources

For inquiries regarding funding for conference travel, contact Ms. Brenda Crawford:


Office of Faculty Development

In fall 2015, the Office of Faculty Development was established in the Office of the Provost as a way to improve the coordination of faculty development activities across all of the Schools and  Colleges as well as to initiate programs and activities to support faculty in their multiple responsibilities of teaching, research, publishing, and service.  The Office of Faculty Development will also provide guidance with career advancement and leadership development.  Visit their site for more information: