BA and Minor in Spanish

Undergraduate Program in Spanish


The Spanish Program at Howard University is housed in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.​  Students can take Spanish language courses as well as courses on literature, culture, film and music.  

Students interested in choosing a major or minor in Spanish should contact the program coordinator.

Why Study Spanish?

The second most spoken language in the world, Spanish plays an important role in politics, commerce and cultural exchange.  According to the Pew Research Center, over 37 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish as their first language, and it is projected that the Latino population will reach almost 130 million by 2060, likely making it the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. By adding a Spanish Major or Minor to a major in the fields of business, health sciences, education, and communication, you will be competitive for job opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Mercedes Tibbits

Locke Hall, 332

Course Requirements

Capstone Experience

“Capstone Experience” for DWLC Spanish Majors

Approved: Fall 2007


1. Comprehensive Examination


  1. A set of 10 questions on each area [Afro-Hispanic, Latin-America, Peninsular] will be given to students by 15 September / 15 January of the semester when they plan to take the exam. Up to the end of October / February, students are welcome to consult with faculty members regarding the questions. The exam will include 3-4 of those questions in each area, which students will answer in essay form, in Spanish.
  2. A composition in Spanish on a subject indicated to the students the day of the exam.
  3. An oral interview of about ten minutes in Spanish on general and academic issues to be conducted by a panel of two or more professors.

2.  Capstone Community Project

            By 10 November / 30 March of their graduation semester, and with the supervision of a tenured faculty member, student will have performed a minimum of 80 hours of volunteer work for an organization which serves the Hispanic community. Students will have written a 5-10 page report on their work, in Spanish. At the end of their graduation semester, students who select this option will make a 10 minute presentation to the DWLC on their experience.

3.  Capstone Essay

            By 30 October / 15 March of their graduation semester, students will complete a 15-20 page research essay. Students will work with the supervision of two full-time professors, one of which must be a tenured professor. The essay must include sources other than textbooks, and it must follow the MLA format. At the end of their graduation semester, students who select this option will make a 10 minute presentation to the DWLC on their research.

*  Students must inform the Spanish Coordinator of their choice as soon as they have made a decision, but no later than the end of the semester before they plan to graduate.

**  Please check “Timetable” for deadlines. Students who do not meet the deadlines will not be allowed to graduate.

***  Spanish Coordinator: Dr. Mercedes Tibbits  [Locke #332]




TOTAL HOURS: 37 credit hours                     

Required: 31 credit hours

Electives: 6 credit hours


SPAN 040 Grammar Structures (3) [Fall & Spring]

SPAN 050 Oral Communication 1 (3) [Fall & Spring]

SPAN 052 Reading and Writing (3) [Fall & Spring]

SPAN 060 Social Discourses (3) [Fall]*

SPAN 080 Diversity and Unification in Spain (3) [Fall]

SPAN 081 Contemporary Spain (3) [Spring]

SPAN 083 Formation of Hispanic America (3) [Fall]

SPAN 084 Contemporary Hispanic America (3) [Spring]

SPAN 085 Hispano-Africana Cultural Production (3) {hybrid} [Fall]

SPAN 161 [086] Migrations and Identities [Spring]

SPAN 199 Capstone Seminar (1) [Fall]


SPAN 051 Oral Communication 2 (3) [Fall & Spring]*

SPAN 064 Spanish for the News Media (3) [Fall]

SPAN 065 Simultaneous Interpretation (3) [Fall]*

SPAN 066 Simultaneous Interpretation 2 (3) [Spring]*

SPAN 077 Advanced Composition (3) [Spring]

SPAN 078 Business Spanish (3) [Spring]

SPAN 177 Introduction to Spanish-English Translation (3) [Fall]*

SPAN 178 Advanced Spanish-English Translation (3) [Spring]*

SPAN 194 Spain and Hispanic America through Film (3) [Fall]

The semester when courses are offered, especially those with an asterisk (*) might change due to scheduling needs.

NOTE: Other Spanish courses are listed in the Catalogue. They are rarely offered, but can be used as electives if taken in an approved study abroad program or at another accredited institution. Consult the Spanish Coordinator for more information.



TOTAL HOURS: 18 credit hours                                                                                             

Required: 12 credit hours

Electives: 6 credit hours


          These Three Courses                           and                     One of These Three

SPAN 040       Grammar Structures (3)                            SPAN 060    Social Discourses  (3) / or  /

SPAN 050       Oral Communication 1 (3)                         SPAN 078    Business Spanish (3) /  or  /   

SPAN 052       Reading and Writing  (3)                           SPAN 064    Spanish for the News Media (3)

PLUS TWO ELECTIVES ABOVE SPAN 050 (from the list for majors, above)

[080, 081, 083, and 084 are especially geared towards Spanish majors]

Spanish Coordinator: Dr. Mercedes  Tibbits,  Locke#332,

Study Abroad

Students are highly encouraged to engage in study abroad in the Spanish-speaking world. You should consult the program coordinator, Dr. Mercedes Tibbits, to see which program best fits your interests.

2015 Capstone Presentations

2017 Capstone Presentations

Party for Spanish Major Graduates 2017