Minor in Swahili

Program Overview


Students who choose to study Swahili at Howard University will have the chance to minor in a language that will introduce them to the rich cultures and histories of Africa.  The program also offers a summer study abroad program to Tanzania and Kenya.

Why Study Swahili?

Swahili is one of the most important languages in Africa today.  It serves as the national language of four nations: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Swahili is also one of the working languages of the African Union and is officially recognized as a lingua franca of the East African community.  Around 50 to 100 million people speak Swahili, making it an important language for commerce, politics and education.


Dr. Leonard Muaka


Locke Hall 368

Minor in Swahili

Course Sequence

The undergraduate minor in Swahili consists of 18 credits of coursework beyond the prerequisite courses. To declare a minor in Swahili, students should meet with the Undergraduate Advisor to begin the process. Students can also meet their requirements by participating in the HUSSA (Swahili summer Study Abroad) program to Kenya and Tanzania every summer.

Prerequisites: SWAH 001, SWAH 002, SWAH 003, SWAH 004 or equivalent. See Swahili advisor Dr. Leonard Muaka for more information.

After Swahili IV (004) these are the additional 6 courses required:

SWAH 040          Intensive Grammar Review (3)

SWAH 077          Advanced Grammar and Composition (3)

SWAH 050          Oral Expression I (3)

SWAH 052          Reading Writing Workshop (3)

In addition to the four required courses listed above students should take the following elective courses:

SWAH 051          Oral Expression II (3)

SWAH 190          Independent Study (3)

Summer Study Abroad to Kenya and Tanzania

For more information on the Swahili Summer Study Abroad Program, click on the link below:

Swahili Summer Abroad

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